Cameron Poetzscher focuses on finance

August 13, 2016
Since beginning his career path at the University of Queensland -- where he graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in 1990 -- Cameron Poetzscher has focused in work on finance. For nearly 20 years, he has invested in and advised a variety of startups and worked within the growing industry, including 17 years in multiple roles with Goldman Sachs. His career with this industry leader following attaining his MBA from Harvard Business School in 1995. Poetzscher focuses significantly on finance as it applies to technology as well as fundraising, financial analysis, corporate strategy, mergers and acquisitions, and equity and debt financing. Currently, he serves as Head of Corporate Development for Uber.

Cameron Poetzscher the TMT GROUP and Goldman Sachs Managing Director

February 14, 2016
Mr. Cameron Poetzscher is an experienced leader and a mentor.  He has worked in most of the demanding and challenging environments and succeeded. At Uber company, Poetzscher served for a while as the  Corporate Development Head. Before the position, he had over 17 years of experience in global investment banking.   Cameron Poetzscher also held the position of Managing Director at Goldman Sachs and TMT GROUP. He has handled clients of different calibers on various complex M & A transactions and IPOs.

He studied at Harvard School of business and University of Queensland. His wife Varsha Rajendra Rao went to the University of Pennsylvania for her education. She once worked for McKinsey & Company as Associate Consultant. However, the husband has had some high profile positions at various companies including Goldman Sachs and TMT GROUP as the Managing Director, Uber as Head of Corporate Development and Harvard after obtaining a distinction in MBA.

Cameron Poetzscher's career has revolved around media, telecom, and technology.  However; his primary focus has been on entertainment and the internet. He has worked with companies from different corners of the globe. The sectors include financial, consumer, healthcare, industrial, real estate and natural resources sector. Besides the US, he has engaged in cultural and structural transactions with many foreign countries. They include India, SE Asia, Japan, Latin America, Australia, China, and Europe. Cameron Poetzscher also worked in Australia at Booz & Co as the consultant. Cameron Poetzscher approaches problems and decisions creatively and critically.